Brooke Shirley, LMP - NW Body, Breath and Energy

The physical body, as I understand it, is home to our consciousness. We are here as visitors, blessed to have a physical form in which we are able to experience the magnitude that is being human.

Our bodies are made of trillions of cells, all their own sentient being, radiating their own life force and each of our cells have a dharma; a purpose. Their purpose depends on their environment and their environment depends on the state of our consciousness, our emotional state, how we relate to the world around us and the choices we make day in and day out. Some choices (emotional/mental, physical or nutritional) support health where other choices can decrease our bodies (cellular) ability to maintain health and optimal functionality.

With the idea that health, true health, comes from not only what foods we decide to eat or how much exercise we achieve; but from the mind. How we relate to our bodies, to our physical selves, our world. The world we create. Truly, our health comes from within.

NW Body, Breath & Energy